Are you ready to rock out the new year?

I am.

Every day is a fresh start. We should always look forward to a new morning.

It is a gift.

A chance to begin again.

I am beginning this year with BIG DREAMS.

I have been given an incredible opportunity to stay home with my children and be a full time mom/homemaker. It is a privilege most parents do not have. My dreams however don't stop at being a mom.

This blog is a BIG DREAM.

Having a place to share my journey, my life, and everything in between is so exciting.

BIGGER than this blog is my DREAM to HELP OTHERS. I want to help women, moms, business owners, find their passion and revive their life. I want to help those who are lost and wondering find a path. I pray by reading my words you will be moved to seek Jesus and build a foundation of faith that will change your life.

I created a space for all of us to connect on Facebook. It is a closed group so we will be free to pour our hearts out and cry out to Jesus. It will be a safe place to open up and be free from everything that holds us back. It will be a venue to help us learn from each other and grow together.

You can join the group here 

Every few weeks we will also be discussing a new book within the group. I will post information on the blog, but we will dig deeper in the group.

Stay tuned - book announcement later today! I hope to see you in the group!

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