FerVent Prayer Cards

HEY READERS! Thank you so much for coming and checking out this post. I have recently started blogging again over at I would love to have you come join me over there.

In fact, I have started to update this series with a BRAND NEW prayer card. I think you will love it! Come check it out ---->>>> FERVENT PRAYER CARDS


Have you started reading FerVent yet?

If you are just joining us, you can find all of the posts for this book series HERE.

I was thinking yesterday some of y'all might need prayer cards! If you are reading a digital copy of the book you will need something to write your prayers on.

Of course basic index cards will do just fine, but the designer in me had to make something pretty.

You can download your copy for all 10 prayer strategies on dropbox.

I would print them on a heavier card stock if you have it available, if not regular copy paper will work. I will be using regular paper myself. If you have trouble shoot me a message!


  1. These are beautiful! Thanks for creating and sharing them. I just started Fervent and it's pretty amazing.

    1. You are so welcome! I have read this book several times now. It is one that will get passed on to my kids. #NotTodaySatan

      Thanks for reading!

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