Hmmm.... Pretty sure I need a lot of this in my life right now. I had the best of intentions to wrap up the FerVent book in the first week or two of January. Here we are halfway through February and we are only on the second strategy.

Lack of focus?


I must admit, I didn't expect me to take so long to map out my prayers. I am being meticulous about finding scriptures that fit and asking God to guide me. That takes time.

My life is pulled in different directions. I am definitely all over the place. My apologies. I hope you have moved on ahead and mapped out your plans. Maybe after I start praying for a focus we will be able to hustle through the rest of the book. Maybe.

Love the quote above.

Focus protects your goal and dreams from being consumed in small bites. So true. I lost focus and my goal of finishing this book in January got diminished.

Day by day, my lack of focus killed my goal.

That is just what the Devil wants. When we begin to work towards our dreams and God's promises to us he has no choice but try and derail us. He doesn't want to see us succeed and therefore sets up as many road blocks as possible.


How do we keep this from happening?

How do we stay FOCUSED on our goals, dreams, and our relationship with God?


Wake up in the morning and put on your Armor of God.

Devote a few minutes in the morning to thank him for all he is doing in your life.

Where do you need to focus?

Your Work Life?
Your Family?
Your Friendships?
Your Relationship with God?

I can honestly say YES to all of the above.

When I should be focusing on my kids, I am thinking about work. When I should be working, I am chatting with friends online. When I should be spending time with God, I am thinking of all the things I need to do for my family.

The cycle is vicious, but there is a way out!


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