Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Friends. I'm switching gears for a moment. I know I need to finish up the FerVent series. There is a reason I named my blog "Bored Again" Life. I tend to get bored and off course easily. I promise, I will go back and finish talking about that amazing book.

In the meantime, here's the deal. I am a hot mess right now. Every day I feel like I am struggling to keep my head above water. I need help. I need some additional guidance and direction. Tips, words of wisdom, something, anything to get me moving in the right direction. I picked up this book at the library and I have been praising Jesus ever since I started reading it. I decided we must take a break and talk about it.

We all NEED to read this book and start implementing her strategies.

If you are stressed, off balance, tired, and out of patience PLEASE grab SAY GOODBYE TO SURVIVAL MODE.

Over the next two weeks I will be sharing my takeaways from her book. I'm looking forward to hearing how you have adjusted your life to finally break free from survival mode!


2. Say Yes to the Best
3. If You Aim at Nothing, You'll Hit It Every Time
4. Discipline Is Not a Bad Word
5. Be Intentional With Your Bank Account
6. Manage the Home Front
7. When You Feel Like a Failure
8. Yes, You Can Make a Difference
9. Sometimes It Is About You
10. Kick-Start Your Success


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