T H E G O A L 30


Have you heard of this new hashtag sensation #TheGoal30? It started out on Instagram back in August by Diana Downsizes. I only discovered it myself a month ago. I was on Facebook and got sucked down a rabbit hole of links and google searches to find out what this phenomenon is all about.

After extensive research I have found #TheGoal30 is totally my jam. You make a list of 30 goals to complete in 30 days. They can be health/wellness related, crazy bucket list items, or simply things you have been putting off. Whatever you decide, they will be your priority for the next 30 days.

Let me tell you why I like this so much. It makes the journey to a better self fun. It takes the pressure off of only eating a certain way (whole 30, paleo, low-carb, blah blah blah) to get in better health. You make small goals to ride out for one day. If I think about doing no sugar for 30 days I mentally quit before I get started. Quitting sugar for one day, I can do that. Don't get me wrong, this is a challenge. You should treat it as such. List things beyond your comfort zone, but know this is an accumulation of small accomplishments every day that will lead to an end of the month HALLELUJAH!

1. Drink 64oz Water
2. Walk 30+ minutes
3. Wake-Up at 6am
4. Shower & Dressed
5. No food after 8pm
6. No diet coke for 24 hours
7. No Sugar for 24 hours
8. Eat Greens at Every Meal
9. Try one new recipe a week
10. 24 hour fast - only water
11. Try a Yoga Class
12. Complete 30 day ab challenge
13. Try a new vegetable every week
14. Blog 3 days a week
15. Walk 20K steps one day
16. No diet coke for 48 hours
17. Meal Plan - Save $50 by EOM
18. Read 4 books
19. Paint 1 piece of Furniture
20. Journal Essential Oil Use Daily
21. Post daily to Instagram
22. 48 hour fast - only water
23. Avoid the scale for 30 days!
24. Start recipe box
25. Clean/Organize 1 area daily
26. Finish Two House Projects
27. Complete Two Bible Journal Entries
28. No sugar for 48 hours
29. Paint a Giant Mural
30. Learn a New Braiding Technique

My goals are all over the place for November. I wanted to have a little bit of everything. There are several that will need to be done every day. For those I have set reminders on my phone. I also plan on tracking my daily actions with this GOAL TRACKER. I will print one off for each goal and give myself a gold star each day I complete it.

Will you join me? What do you want to complete in the NEXT 30 DAYS?

Comment below or Join me on Facebook for further discussion.

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